Mitocon - Mitochondrial Diseases Conference 2023

Mitocon is the main reference organization in Italy for people affected by mitochondrial diseases and their families. Since 2010, Mitocon has been organizing the National Conference on Mitochondrial Diseases, a unique opportunity for researchers, doctors, students, patients, families and caregivers to update, compare and exchange experiences, thanks to the participation of leading national and international experts.

The traditional Mito Conference consists of two main events: the Scientific Convention and the Conference for patients and familiesHowever, this year will be a special edition. The Mito Conference will in fact be held in the context of  EUROMIT 2023, the prestigious international conference on mitochondrial diseases.

  • 10 and 11 June, Conference for patients and families - Bologna. We will talk about associative development and territorial networks, rights and protections for rare patients and mitochondrial patients. Scientific updating sessions are planned (clinical studies, therapies close to the patient, mitochondrial replacement techniques) with the aim of continuing the process of active participation of stakeholders to build participatory, innovative and responsible scientific research. Sunday 11th there will be a session in collaboration with IMP, the International Federation of Patients' Associations, to get to know each other, network and exchange best practices. In parallel, it will be possible to request clinical consultations with the leading international experts.

The event will take place face-to-face.

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