Dr Victoria Nesbitt

Victoria graduated in Medicine and Surgery at Glasgow University in 2004 and completed post-graduate studies in Paediatrics in Glasgow, Newcastle and Oxford. In 2010 she commenced her PhD in Mitochondrial Diseases in Childhood on a Medical Research Council grant to establish the Mitochondrial Disease Patient Cohort UK.
Victoria was appointed Consultant Paediatrician in Oxford in 2017 and currently works for the Community Paediatrics team in South Oxfordshire and for the Oxford Mitochondrial Disease Service with Professor Jo Poulton. Victoria strives to increase awareness of mitochondrial disease amongst clinicians in order to identify and diagnose children earlier allowing specialist management and genetic counselling to be instituted appropriately.

Research aims:
• to detail the multi-system phenotypic spectrum of children with mitochondrial disease and correlate their disease burden with the underlying causative mutation
• to investigate the links between sudden unexpected deaths in infancy (SUDI) and childhood (SUDIC) and mitochondrial disease
• to determine if children with faltering growth may have an underlying mitochondrial disease

Victoria continues to work on the MRC Mitochondrial Disease Patient Cohort UK and is also currently writing national clinical guidelines for paediatric mitochondrial disease management.