This page is intended to help ensure the mitochondrial community are aware of forthcoming events which may be of interest to them.

The NHS Highly Specialised Service for Rare Mitochondrial Diseases of Adults and Children cannot endorse or be responsible for the content of any of the courses advertised below.

Mitochondrial Medicine - The Genomit Initiative

Pisa, November 17 – 18, 2023

Aula Magna, Scuola Superiore Sant’anna
Piazza Martiri della Libertà 33
56127 – Pisa – Italy

Mitochondrial disorders are now considered the most common forms of inherited human disease. In recent years, amazing progress has been obtained in terms of pathophysiology, natural history and new treatments options for these diseases.

This conference, based on the experience of the GENOMIT consortium, funded by the European Joint Programme on rare diseases, aims to bring different international groups together, exploring the most recent advances in term of natural histories, artificial intelligence, clinical trial readiness and emerging treatment options in preclinical and clinical models of mitochondrial diseases.

For more information and to download the programme please visit the website

BPNA 2024 Annual Conference

The 2024 Annual Conference is taking place 24-26 January 2024 as a hybrid event at:

Delta Hotels by Marriott Bristol City Centre, 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD

+44 (0)117 929 4281

The BPNA conference is the annual scientific meeting for the paediatric neurology community in the UK. Consultant Paediatric Neurologists attend from all the UK paediatric neurology tertiary centres, together with paediatric neurology trainees, clinical research fellows, Consultant Paediatricians with an interest in epilepsy and neurology, paediatric trainees, specialist epilepsy and neurology nurses and other allied health professionals.

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Mitochondrial Biomedicine Winter School

28th January 2024 to 2nd February 2024

Hotel Grüner Baum 



Registrations are open now for the First European Winter School in Mitochondrial Biomedicine: a unique training opportunity for PhD students, medical residents, and postdoctoral researchers with a keen interest in mitochondrial biology and medicine.

The project aims to encourage the training of doctoral students, residents and post-doctoral researchers interested in the topics of mitochondrial biology and medicine by bringing together international experts in the biology, genetics, pathophysiology of mitochondria and in the clinic of mitochondrial diseases. The participation of Mitocon, the Italian association of mitochondrial patients will add the patients’ perspective to the school.

For more information and details of how to register, click here

Mitochondrial Medicine - Therapeutic Development 2024

18–20 March 2024

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge

Mitochondrial disorders have emerged as a major cause of inherited human disease. There is a growing appreciation that new treatments will emerge through collaborations between clinicians, laboratory scientists and the life sciences industry based on a firm understanding of the disease mechanisms. This conference aims to bring these groups together.

The conference will build new partnerships that harness our understanding of the disease mechanisms, accelerating the pace of effective treatments for mitochondrial diseases. This year’s programme will include discussions about recent discoveries on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) disorders to develop new therapeutic targets and the latest advances in gene editing and genomic technologies. We will also have panel discussions on how we rally the international community for clinical trial consortia and current opportunities and challenges in clinical trials.

The meeting attracts international participants interested in mitochondrial diseases, working in genomics, biochemistry, pathology and clinical medicine. The conference will bring together leaders in translational mitochondrial medicine and basic science with a programme designed to engage and inspire the next generation of mitochondrial researchers.

The programme will also feature short oral presentations selected from abstracts, posters, poster pitches and networking opportunities. Participants choosing accommodation will stay at Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, Wellcome Genome Campus, to enhance opportunities for interaction after the sessions.

Full information about the conference is available here

Event registration is now open

Myology 2024

22nd-25th April 2024 

Palais des Congrés des Paris

We are pleased to announce that our international congress dedicated to neuromuscular science, MYOLOGY 2024, will take place in Paris on April 22th-25th, 2024. This 8th edition is expected to gather more than 900 delegates  from all over the world. In the wake of our past successful congress Myology 2022 in Nice, we look forward to welcoming even more participants in the capital city of France.

With the Olympic Games just weeks away, this presents a unique opportunity to underscore how our knowledge of muscle (myogenesis, regeneration, ageing...)  can drive innovations that benefit the general public. Additionally, we'll provide a comprehensive overview of the latest breakthroughs in muscle science, with a particular focus on disease-modifying therapies and medical advancements for neuromuscular diseases . Join us in Paris to build the future of myology for the benefit of all.

More information about the congress is available on the website.

You can register here

UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine Symposium 2024

Save the Date - June 26th - 29th 2024

Hilton Hotel, Downtown Cleveland

UMDFs Mitochondrial Medicine Symposium provides an international stage for leaders in the field of mitochondria and offers programs to inspire the next generation of researchers. You will learn about the latest developments in the field of mitochondrial medicine, including industry advancements, potential treatments, therapies and cutting edge research. The event also gives the scientific communities the unique experience of engaging with affected patients to better understand symptoms and work faster towards a cure.

There is also a programme of sessions designed for patients and families.

Full details can be found here.

10th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology

10th EAN Congress Helsinki 2024

June 29-July 2, 2024, Helsinki

Congress Venue - Messukeskus, Expo Plaza Main Entrance, Messuaukio 1, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

Our overarching theme is ‘Neuromodulation: advances and opportunities in neurological diseases’ and we have put together a range of workshops and plenary sessions addressing this subject. Leading specialists will tackle hot topics in invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation in movement and cognitive disorders, chronic pain, and refractory epilepsy.

The current state and future directions of neuromodulation will be addressed with relevant questions such as which techniques are available as diagnostic tools or therapeutic interventions; how to precisely target specific cortical regions, deep brain structures and head nerves for therapeutic purposes; and how to advance neuromodulation into new areas of neurology such as chronic minimally conscious state or limb prosthesis.

The overarching theme will be the focus of several sessions, with something for every category of participant, from trainees to specialists, for both clinicians and scientists.   

AussieMit 2024

26th - 30th November 2024

Melbourne, Australia

AussieMit 2024 is the 8th biennial AussieMit conference for mitochondrial research. Previous conferences have included a diverse clinical and scientific program, covering clinical and basic mitochondrial disease research, mitochondria in Parkinson’s Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, mitochondrial metabolism and aging, mitochondrial stress and quality control, basic mitochondrial biology and model systems for mitochondrial research.

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