Francesca Taylor

Paediatric Neuromuscular Physiotherapist

Francesca graduated from Cardiff University in 2015 and gained her Junior rotational Physiotherapy experience in Wales working in a wide variety of specialties with adults. Francesca also completed a junior rotation within Paediatrics which was the motivator to choose this as her career path. She subsequently worked within Children’s Community services practicing in education, outpatient, clinic and ward-based settings looking after children with orthopaedic, neurological, neuromuscular, developmental, respiratory and complex multifactorial diagnoses.

To further her acute clinical expertise Francesca moved to the Oxford Children’s Hospital in 2019. She gained further clinical experience across all areas of speciality within the hospital and initiated service improvement projects, presented at European level and continues to play an active role in providing acute on-call and out of hours respiratory care. Francesca has most recently gained a static position within the Paediatric Neuromuscular and Mitochondrial Services and is keen to progress further within this role.