Kate Browne

Kate graduated with a BSc Hons in physiotherapy from Bristol 1993. She has over 29 years’ NHS physiotherapy experience. Kate has worked in both Oxford and Stoke Mandeville Hospitals covering a broad range of specialities.

Kate is currently working at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation trust as a specialist physiotherapist in Vestibular rehabilitation/ Balance disorders and other long term neurological conditions. Kate’s particular interest is in enabling patients to achieve their full potential whether through balance muscle strength or other activities.  Choosing the most appropriate outcome measures to help monitor and maintain balance in neurological conditions and fatigue management. She is eager to evaluate Physiotherapy outcome measures used within mitochondrial disease.

Kate is involved in clinical research and has published an article on patient rehabilitation outcomes focusing on both short and long term follow up.She has also produced a range of balance videos to assist patients with their exercise programmes. She is a member of Vestibular physiotherapy special interest group and speaks at patient balance workshops and national conferences.

Kate is also a keen cold-water swimmer.