There are two main clinics at the Oxford Centre of the Rare Mitochondrial Disorders Service:

Mitochondrial genetics clinic

This is a multidisciplinary clinic, including Prof Jo Poulton (Consultant in Mitochondrial Genetics), Dr Nishan Guha (Consultant in Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine), Dr Victoria Nesbitt (Consultant Paediatrician), Jo Lowndes (Genetic counsellor), Physiotherapist, and Care advisors (adult and paediatric support available) . If appropriate, patients can be seen on the same day in the cardiomyopathy and inherited heart disease clinic. Telephone clinics are also possible in some cases.

As part of this clinic our Genetic Counsellor and Professor Jo Poulton also see mitochondrial patients and couples for reproductive counselling and decision-making. Reproductive options available to certain couples, through our clinic, can include: prenatal diagnosis, including non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD), Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and gamete donation.

As well as Oxford clinics, Professor Jo Poulton also sees patients in the Dubowitz Neuromuscular Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Inherited cardiac conditions clinic

Mitochondrial disease has a clear association with changes to the heart rhythm or muscle structure. On an individual basis it is difficult to predict what may happen. All mitochondrial disease patients in Oxford will be offered appointments in the inherited cardiac conditions clinic for initial work up, and bespoke follow up arrangements. Within this clinic, Dr Matthew Daniels (Consultant Cardiologist) leads the evaluation of patients with Mitochondrial Disease.