London Patient Engagement Day, October 2019:

Introduction to mitochondrial disease, research & clinical trials - Dr Rob Pitceathly

Fatigue management and exercise for people with mitochondrial disease - Sarah Holmes

Oxford Patient Information Evening, October 2018:

Tests in patients with mitochondrial disease - Dr Nishan Guha

Balance and physiotherapy: What exercises should I do? - Kate Browne

Planning future care - Dr Victoria Nesbitt

Planning future care (additional info) - Dr Victoria Nesbitt

Nutrition and bowel hygiene in mitochondrial disease - Catherine Feeney

Reproductive options in mitochondrial disease - Jo Lowndes

UCL Patient Information Day, October 2018:

Mitochondrial disease: an overview - Dr Robert Pitceathly

Ubiquinone and mitochondrial disease - Iain Hargreaves

Oxford Patient Evening, April 2017:

Mitochondrial disease in adults: how do we manage stroke-like episodes? - Dr Robert Pitceathly

Research update: reproductive options & new drug trial - Prof Jo Poulton

Genetics, genomics, and the 100,000 Genomes Project - Jude Craft, Jen Whitfield

Mitochondrial disease in children: practical advice and drug studies - Dr Victoria Nesbitt